New paper in Water Resources Research

New paper evidencing unknown voids within the Lorette karst system, evidenced by the continuous gravity measurements of flash floods. This was first achieved with a gPhone spring gravimeter in 2013, continued with a superconducting gravimeter since end 2014.

Conceptual model of a 13‐m flood event in the Lorette cave projected on a west-east cross-section (vertical and horizontal scales in [m]). The zone progressively shifting from white to red represents the layer in which the modelled cavities are located. Red indicates a greater number of cavities. LUR and WWT refer to the water level sensor.

Watlet A., Van Camp M., Francis O., Poulain A., Rochez G., Hallet V., Quinif Y., Kaufmann O., Gravity monitoring of underground flash flood events to study their impact on groundwater recharge and the distribution of karst voids, Water Resources Research, doi:10.1029/2019WR026673, 2020.