Phreatic zone hydrogeology

The aquifer characterization is achieved through the monitoring of the groundwater and surface rivers. From the begining of KARAG project, a high-resolution monitoring network has been installed inside the LKS as well as on the nearby Gerny Plateau. This network is composed by groundwater monitoring stations (water level, physico- chemical characteristics), surface rivers monitoring stations (discharges, physico- chemical characteristics) and meteorological stations (atmospheric pressure, rainfall, temperatures). The main goal is to collect enough data to allow us characterizing the aquifer dynamic at a regional scale. Different tools will be used for this part of the study : piezometric maps, hydrogram analysis, water balance, hydrogeologic models.

Piezometric and hydrochemical monitoring

A set of 20 piezometric probes were installed within the LKS, in the surface rivers and inside the Gerny Plateau wells. Those probes record water data with a 15 minutes timestep : water level, electrical conductivity, water temperatures.

exemple hauteurs
Example of piezometric monitoring data of the LKS for years 2013-2014.
exemple tempéraure
Example of temperature data showing the difference between water flows coming from variable environments.

Rivers discharge monitoring

Gauging in Rochefort underground river
Gauging in Rochefort cave underground river

In order to calculate the water balance of the studied catchment, precise discharge measurement of the rivers are required. For this purpose, we benefit from the data of the Direction des Cours d’eau non navigables (Service Public de Wallonie – DGARNE) for different rivers : Hedrée, Wamme and Lomme. Moreover, specific gauging stations were installed on the Biran River as well as on the Lomme river near the Eprave Resurgence. All these stations allow calculating the total flows discharge in and out of the studied catchement.

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