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Membach 20-40

Logo Membach 20-40The big brother of the iGrav is the superconducting gravimeter GWR-C021 which was installed in Membach close to Eupen in August 1995.

This year this instrument will have been continuously measuring gravity changes for 20 years. This instrument allowed us to gain experience to make use of gravity measurements to investigate hydrogeological effects.

Concurrently, this year seismometers will have been measuring Earth vibrations for 40 years.

The Royal Observatory will celebrate this anniversary, together with the “Direction des Barrages” of the “Service Public de Wallonie”.

Among others, two workshops are organised:

Day 1: October 15, in La Gileppe: Scientific workshop in seismology « Earthquake activity and hazard in north western Europe », Dam of La Gileppe

Day 2: October 23, in Uccle (Brussels): Hydrology, Geophysics and Geodesy – HG², a new way to manage water resources », Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels

Superconducting gravimeter GWR-C021 of Membach
Superconducting gravimeter GWR-C021 of Membach